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We launched a pilot live event with Hive in June 2021. We had such a successful outcome and wonderful experience and will definitely continue pursuing live selling as a channel with Hive as our partner.



We embarked upon our first live shopping event with Hive. The experience was really good and we were glad to receive guidance and tips from Hive team along the way. We will surely continue our live shopping journey with Hive!


We are excited to launch locker room merch and game-worn item sales with Hive, and actively engage our fan base with this new way to shop.


Meet the team

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Tiffany Yiu

Co-founder and CEO

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Queen of all things operational, ex private equity by training and shopping reformist by passion

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Henri Syvänen
Co-founder and CCO

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Serial entrepreneur, martech advisor and retail brand owner

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Tommi Hännikkälä

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Experienced software professional, biz design guru, passionate about building customer centric products

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What is Hive?

Hive is a live-native, social shopping app. Sellers host live streamed shoppable shows, shoppers watch and shop together!

Who is Hive for?

Anyone who wants to be a part of a more emotionally engaging and fun online shopping experience

Who sells on Hive?

Brands, product makers, designers...anyone with a good story to tell.

How do I become a seller on Hive?

Currently Hive seller accounts are by invite-only. Apply for yours here. We've compiled a starter kit and seller FAQ that are helpful to anyone who is interested in getting started with live selling.

How do I shop on Hive?

Currently our sellers are running invite-only shows. If you have received a show link, you will be able to watch and shop as well as create a shopping account. If you have not yet been invited to a show, join the waitlist for an account here.

What is your shipping and return policy?

We allow eligible returns up to 28 days post purchase, each seller sets their own shipping rate which is indicated on their profile and during shows. View our full T&C and privacy policy here.